CraftingStore is an all in one donation platform for Minecraft related servers. Store owners are able to create fully automatic webstores in minutes.

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UpHosted provides online services to build and protect webservices. They offer webhosting to serve your website.

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EasyCommands can automate certain operations on Windows machines, you can create scripts that will execute on the machine with zero coding knowledge.

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NSToolBox offers geo IP information, uptime monitoring and automated DNS failover on a fully redundant platform for optimal reliability.

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SchoolTasks gives the ability to manage homework, assignments, and other school tasks for the whole class, complete with notifications, and reminders.

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With OwnShot you simply point your domain to our service, and we'll take care of hosting and serving your screenshots.

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CloudProtected is our general "hub" that is used to group all of our services together.

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